40 Narrative Essay Topics for Your Outstanding Essay

40 Narrative Essay Topics for Your Outstanding Essay
Table of Contents
  1. 40 Narrative Essay Topics for Your Outstanding Essay
  2. Tips to Compose a Good Project
  3. Great Topics to Craft a Real Masterpiece
  4. A Few More Words to Consider

One of the compulsory tasks for students is to compose different types of essay. They have advantages and difficulties, similarities and differences. Every essay type (like a cause effect essay or descriptive essay) has a separate and exact objective. A narrative essay likewise differs from the rest. Its main objective is to reveal your or somebody’s else experience as a narrative story. It’s a kind of easy essay because you should simply tell a well-known story about the family, job, friends of yours.

If it is deeply private this may cause certain difficulties in choosing narrative essay topics. Be careful with your feelings. The narrative assignment is one of the favorites amongst students. Commonly, it doesn’t induce any problems. This doesn’t mean that you won’t face any. The narrative project ought to be composed professionally. Under such condition, you can easily manage it (like you can easily answer the question how to do my math homework).

Your narrative assignment should involve something personal and special, something you’ve experienced or coped with. A writer has multiple options to choose for the narrative project. One is free to write about:

  • A typical or exceptional school day
  • Specific place or moment
  • Describe a trip or work
  • Highlight an extraordinary event
  • Tell a story of an important person, etc.

The rich choice of topics is the real blessing. In the meanwhile, it may induce some difficulties because it’s essential to make the right decision and cover a meaningful and interesting narrative story. We want to help with this crucial moment. This informative article is a great guide about the peculiarities of writing a narrative assignment and selecting its topic. Summon your patience, be attentive and read our recommendations and prompts.

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Tips to Compose a Good Project

Prior to choosing the narrative topic, find out the most significant points about its successful use. This essay doesn’t differ from other standard papers. Its structure is the same:

  • The introduction
  • A thesis
  • The main body
  • The conclusion

Before writing the final version, undertake several preliminary measures. After selecting the topic, research it. Write down possible associations with it and surf the Internet and local libraries. Gather the supporting materials which should be used in your essay.

Sort out the gathered facts. Mind that this is a non-scientific research. Simply compile the experience of people who depicted similar concepts. Some of them are worth mentioning. The others aren’t so important. Depending on the left data, compose an outline. Make allowances for the slightest details of your paper. Determine how durable each phase will be and schedule a strict scheme.

The introduction makes your readers familiar with your main question. Implement some catchy facts that are relevant to your work and steadily come up with a thesis. Implement it in the last sentence of the introductory section.

The body of your project concentrates on the main problem from different angles. Add a few sub-questions, which are related to your major argument. Use the real examples. Finally, make a brief summary, which is your conclusion. Tell why the described issue was so important for you and how it influenced you.

Great Topics to Craft a Real Masterpiece

Oftentimes, it’s utterly difficult to decide which point to cover when there are so many good themes. We have prepared a special selection of great things, some narrative essay topics that can be used in your paper.  Many of them consider the moral side of the case. You’re welcome to choose amongst the following suggestions:

  1. The most important day of my life.
  2. The most impactful event for me.
  3. The scariest moment in my life.
  4. A huge challenge I’ve managed to overcome.
  5. My very first memories from my childhood.
  6. Your best surprise ever.
  7. What is the most significant event of the national scale you’ve ever observed?
  8. A moment which made you extremely happy.
  9. The luckiest day of my life.
  10. The saddest moment for me.
  11. My most altruistic deed.
  12. Have you ever violated the moral norms?
  13. Describe the best place to relax.
  14. What is the scariest place for you and why?
  15. Describe an unexpected situation and how you handled it.
  16. When did you understand that you aren’t a child anymore?
  17. Your first big life disappointment.
  18. The best time in your life you wish to return.
  19. Who are your most devoted friends?
  20. The most memorable journey.
  21. What person affected your worldviews the most?
  22. Which things inspire you?
  23. My first day at school.
  24. A very funny situation of mine.
  25. Describe your house.
  26. Do you regret some of your deeds?
  27. An utterly embarrassing experience.
  28. Your toughest confrontation with parents.
  29. My biggest conflict with my friend.
  30. The best moment to remember.
  31. A moment I was greatly disrespected.
  32. What words bitterly hurt you?
  33. The most unfair moment for me.
  34. How I discovered special talents.
  35. A moment someone taught me a good lesson.
  36. How did you reveal your love for something?
  37. How I managed my fears.
  38. A situation that made you proud of yourself.
  39. The ugliest action you’ve ever done.
  40. A betrayal I lived through and how it changed me.
  41. Friends that I’ve lost - how and why.

Make use out of this list. All the ideas are vital and perfectly suit the academic level. Decide which point to disclose or create your own essay concepts.

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A Few More Words to Consider

If you want to choose an adequate and effective topic, learn from the experience of Dave, one of our most competent writers. “When you should select a topic for your essay, be choosy. Don’t haste. Evaluate possible variants. Brainstorm the most suitable and easy-to-write situations or ask for a help from professionals. Your main theme ought to be interesting for your readers. Your teachers/professors expect something meaningful. Remember that a narrative essay shows your actual writing skills and reveals your personality. Be selective. Read the narrative works of other people, surf the Internet and collect the experience. Take notes and refine them to find the greatest variant.”