A List of the Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

A List of the Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Students like this type of essay writing because they can be creative. Such academic papers allow you to express personal opinions on contradictive maters and draw parallels between objects or people instead of discussing a single subject. It doesn’t mean that it’s a simple assignment to complete. How to write a compare and contrast essay? There are so many great and unique compare and contrast essay topics to choose from and start writing your paper.

Look for something that you know well & pick two objects that have enough similarities and differences to discuss in your piece of writing. Completing this academic task successfully requires your creativity and attention. When comparing things objectively, it’s necessary to operate clear facts. You need solid evidence for every point that you make, so look for both secondary and primary sources in public libraries and other places, including books, movies, newspapers, academic journals, online resources, official reports, and others. Ensure that they’re relevant, updated, & reliable.

How to write a compare and contrast essay

To understand how to write a compare and contrast essay, avoid the common errors made by students. Start completing this assignment with finding suitable compare and contrast essay topics & stick to a traditional structure:

  1. Introduction (start with a catchy hook, introduce your topic, & state the main argument as your thesis);
  2. Develop strong arguments (include supporting facts for each one in body paragraphs);
  3. Refute counterarguments (view the opinions that may contradict your thesis and refute them effectively);
  4. Conclusion (restate a thesis and sum up major arguments).

Why to use a compare and contrast essay example?

Follow the writing guidelines used by America students to learn how to write a compare and contrast essay & earn good grades. Choose a suitable compare and contrast essay example. It can help you simplify the entire process, pick interesting ideas to discuss, structure all paragraphs correctly, add strong facts, & select catchy hooks. They include:

  1. Literary quotes;
  2. Scientific facts;
  3. Jokes & anecdotes;
  4. Poetry lines;
  5. Similes and metaphors;
  6. Rhetorical questions;
  7. Quotes of famous people.

Use examples to format your paper correctly. Indirect and direct quotes make it longer and stronger, while citations serve as solid evidence for supporting your major argument.

How to choose compare and contrast essay topics?

All compare and contrast essay topics belong to a few basic groups:

  1. Situations (episodes or cases from your life);
  2. Events (state the similarities & differences of book episodes or historical events);
  3. Places (different locations);
  4. Fiction characters or people.

What are some good compare & contrast essay topics? Where can you find them? Researching available sources is the most efficient method to pick a perfect theme for your paper:

  • Newspapers (they offer a better insight of the latest innovations, political matters, ongoing events in the world, & expert opinions);
  • Journals & magazines (If you don’t like economics, politics, & religion, look for interesting ideas in rubrics about technology, sports, & entertainment);
  • News channels (turn your TV on to find out about modern problems and dedicate your piece of writing to any of them);
  • The Internet (use this great source of multiple ideas).

Feel free to attend different conferences, seminars, and meetings to get more information about the latest events that people discuss.

What are opposite things to compare and contrast?

When looking for original things to compare and contrast in your essay, focus on these useful suggestions:

  1. Hatred and love;
  2. White & red;
  3. Men and women;
  4. Riding a bus and driving a car;
  5. Living in peace and war;
  6. Sun & Moon;
  7. Soft toys and dolls;
  8. Good and bad things about overworking;
  9. Pepsi & Coke.

Where to find compare and contrast essay topics for college students? hot topics

What are the best compare and contrast essay topics for college students?

  1. Differences and similarities between a Master’s degree & getting a PhD;
  2. Remote learning and traditional education;
  3. Similarities and differences of TOEFL and SAT;
  4. Creating essay writing vs research papers;
  5. Colleges or high schools;
  6. Major differences between British and American English;
  7. Unemployed and working students;
  8. Whether argumentative and persuasive papers are the same or different;
  9. Employment vs education.

Interesting compare and contrast essay topics for 6th-grade students

Students studying in the 6th grade receive simple academic assignments because they lack enough experience in analyzing complex matters. What are good compare & contrast essay topics for 6th-grade assignments?

  1. Celebrating Christmas at home and in another place;
  2. Novels or comic books;
  3. Summer or winter;
  4. Playing ping pong vs tennis;
  5. Drinking water vs juice;
  6. Why flowers & weeds can’t exist without each other;
  7. Reading books vs watching TV;
  8. Western or Eastern USA;
  9. Differences and similarities between wolves and dogs;
  10. Female vs male friends based on sincerity, loyalty, and bravery.

Great compare and contrast topics for middle school students

How to choose the best compare & contrast topics for middle school papers? Take a look at expert suggestions.

  1. Comparing modern role models with the ones in the 50s;
  2. Christmas vs Halloween: you favorite holiday;
  3. Schools bullies and famous dictators;
  4. Similarities of Christopher Columbus and early spacemen;
  5. Zeus vs King Arthur;
  6. Consequences of hurricanes vs outcomes of tsunamis;
  7. 5-star and 3-star hotels;
  8. Watching favorite movies at home or in the cinema;
  9. How celebrities and parents influence teenagers;
  10. Bicycle & car driving.

Compare and contrast essay topics for high school papers

If you don’t have any specific idea to write about, look at this expert list of compare and contrast essay topics for high school students:

  1. Non-fiction or fiction literature;
  2. Online vs traditional learning;
  3. E-books vs printed books;
  4. College tests or high school exams;
  5. TV ads or online marketing;
  6. Story buildings or wooden houses;
  7. Modern rock music & rock music in the 20th century;
  8. Japanese and American visions of beauty;
  9. Differences & similarities between Spain and Portugal;
  10. New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons.

How to find easy compare and contrast essay topic?

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on researching complex ideas, pick one of the following easy compare and contrast essay topics:

  1. Village life or life in big cities;
  2. Movies vs books by Stephen King;
  3. The pros and cons of Barcelona vs Real Madrid;
  4. The use of textbooks and tablets at school;
  5. Whether Macbeth and Julius Caesar have something in common;
  6. Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump;
  7. Modernism and realism;
  8. Android mobile devices vs iPhones;
  9. Prose and poetry.

Great topics for your AP world history compare and contrast essay

Do you want to write the best AP world history compare and contrast essay? Consider brilliant topics.

  1. Legends and reality in Roman mythology;
  2. Karl Marx vs Friedrich Hegel;
  3. How people live in Europe and Asia;
  4. Dictatorship vs democracy;
  5. People today and back in the 50s;
  6. Similarities of political science and history;
  7. Differences in traditions or customs of European and African societies;
  8. Contrast some famous Russian emperors;
  9. Differences in political regimes in the UK and the US;
  10. Liberalism and communism;
  11. Differences between the Quran and the Bible.

What are perfect topics for beginners?

  1. The benefits of daytime and night time;
  2. Feeling lonely and feeling sad;
  3. The effects of tea and coffee;
  4. Differences between animals and people;
  5. Staying in a village vs living in a big town;
  6. Oranges vs apples;
  7. Resting near the sea or camping in the wood;
  8. Similarities and differences between British & American traditional meals;
  9. Traditional or online options to promote different services or goods;
  10. Being wealthy and living in poverty.

Fresh topics on natural sciences

When searching for excellent natural science ideas, focus on these brilliant topics:

  1. Anatomy vs physics;
  2. Comparing some disputable scientific claims;
  3. Nuclear power & fossil energy;
  4. Possibility & impossibility to live on other planets;
  5. Existing correlations between Moon and Sun;
  6. Whether tornados are more dangerous than hurricanes;
  7. Similarities between Saturn and Jupiter;
  8. Tsunamis vs earthquakes;
  9. Differences and similarities between technology and science;
  10. Physics theories and life aspects.

Where to find great ideas about influential people?

Famous people, including political figures and celebrities attract people’s attention. Use the best chance for all writers to draw readers’ attention by comparing & contrasting the lives and characteristics of different influential people. It’s not necessary to analyze important figures from the same field or region. Feel free to take characters from books or movies and real life people to get more space for your imagination. Consider these useful ideas:

  1. Celine Dion or Madonna;
  2. Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin;
  3. Locke or Hobbes;
  4. Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler;
  5. Superman or Batman;
  6. Socrates or Plato;
  7. Charlie Chaplin or Bugs Bunny;
  8. Obama or Putin.

Should you choose topics on history?

  1. Similarities and differences of Nazism and fascism;
  2. UK prime ministers vs US presidents;
  3. Comparing the ideas of Washington or Lincoln;
  4. Religious studies vs anthropology;
  5. King Louis XIV vs Henry VIII;
  6. Soviet and American politics;
  7. Differences in the events of World War II and World War I;
  8. Baroque epoch vs Renaissance;
  9. South & North between the civil war in America.

Topics on natural religion

You should stay objective when sharing different ideas on sensitive religious matters in your paper. What are the best ones?

  1. Buddha and Jesus Christ;
  2. Religious and secular states;
  3. Major differences between Catholicism and Protestantism;
  4. Christmas in Muslim countries vs orthodox Christmas;
  5. Differences in the traditions and customs of different churches;
  6. Christianity or Judaism;
  7. Comparing some nations based on their religions;
  8. Theravada or Mahayana Buddhism;
  9. The end of the world in famous religions.

Social media and IT

  1. Tablets vs desktop computers;
  2. IOS vs Windows;
  3. Websites vs online blogs;
  4. Country or rock music;
  5. Traditional and online jobs;
  6. Newspapers or radio;
  7. Twitter vs Facebook;
  8. Traditional marketing vs SEO strategies;
  9. Online & traditional learning techniques.

What are the best music and movie topics?

  1. Horror movies or comedies;
  2. Werewolves or vampires;
  3. Fantastic Four or Avengers;
  4. Marvel or DC;
  5. Differences & similarities between normal and 3D screening;
  6. Voldemort or Dumbledore;
  7. Prince or Michael Jackson.

Writing about literature

  1. E-books vs hardcopies;
  2. Horror or romance;
  3. Egyptian or Greek myths;
  4. Similarities between hip hop and poetry;
  5. Present and past works of literature;
  6. Juliet and Romeo.

Writing about science

How to choose the best subject? Consider these helpful ideas and pick the one you like the most:

  1. Discussing whether technology and science are interdependent;
  2. Mars or Venus;
  3. Biology or chemistry;
  4. Physics or geography;
  5. The pros & cons of studying science.

Everyday matters

  1. KFC or McDonalds;
  2. Protestants or Catholics;
  3. Driving or flying;
  4. Bricks or wood for building;
  5. European & African countries;
  6. Similarities and differences between the east and the west;
  7. Nickelodeon or Cartoon network.

What are excellent philosophy suggestions?

  1. Whether historians and philosophers are similar;
  2. Evil vs good;
  3. The importance of health care and food;
  4. Enemies vs friends;
  5. Complex & simple explanations;
  6. Similarities between religions and philosophy;
  7. The effects of poetry and music on people;
  8. The sword and the pen;
  9. Whether humans can be wilder than animals.

Good subjects for your essay

  1. Eating processed and whole foods;
  2. The benefits of non-Paleo and Paleo diets;
  3. Not trying hard vs trying hard;
  4. The Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War;
  5. Socializing and studying seriously in your college;
  6. Gaining popularity vs being a loner;
  7. Human beings and primates;
  8. Winters and summers;
  9. Sunsets and sunrises;
  10. Gluten-filled and non-gluten diets;
  11. Playing real games with other people vs video games;
  12. Owning dogs vs cats;
  13. Describe yourself as a teenager and as an adult;
  14. Victorian & Romantic periods;
  15. Oil or watercolor painting;
  16. Writing a letter vs emails;
  17. Locke and Hobbes ideas.

What are psychology and health themes?

  1. Similarities and differences between vaping and smoking;
  2. Comparing the self-evaluation of teenagers and preschoolers;
  3. Psychological theories of Skinner and Watson;
  4. Down syndrome vs autism;
  5. Similarities and differences of the psychological development of orphans and kids from full families;
  6. Comparing and contrasting the characteristics of depression and bipolar disorder;
  7. Differences and similarities of western and eastern methods of diagnosis;
  8. Comparing alcoholism among women and men;
  9. Images of family in real life in mass media;
  10. Homicide vs suicide.

Original ideas on marriage and love

Love is an important virtue for many people because it brings them unity, joy, and peace. Do you need to write a paper on love and marriage? Use these excellent ideas:

  1. Childhood and teenage love;
  2. Father’s and mother’s love;
  3. Love after and before marriages;
  4. Similarities and differences between sex and love;
  5. Marrying at an old or young age;
  6. Romance in movies vs real-life relationships;
  7. Comparing church and court marriages;
  8. Friends or siblings;
  9. Husbands and wives.

Your general approach to popular ideas 

There are many public ideas for drafting your excellent paper and earning high marks. Use them to write this paper in a straightforward manner.

  1. Differences & similarities between Android and Windows in making smartphones;
  2. Learning Chinese or French;
  3. Eating eggs or bread in the morning;
  4. The United States vs North Korea;
  5. Dreaming at night or daydreaming;
  6. Drinking soda or water in the morning;
  7. The United States vs China;
  8. Comparing dying poor and dying young;
  9. Women liberation and slavery;
  10. Local course vs studying abroad.

What are funny ideas? 

  1. Samsung and Apple;
  2. Dieting vs exercising;
  3. Gangnam style vs the moon walk;
  4. PlayStation vs Xbox;
  5. American football vs soccer;
  6. Raising a child and growing a tree;
  7. Being in a relationship or being single;
  8. Friendship or love;
  9. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony vs Morse code;
  10. Performance-improving drugs vs coffee.

Writing about eras and time periods

  1. Life in the future vs life in the past;
  2. Modern women and women 100 years ago;
  3. The 21st century vs the 18th century;
  4. Hammurabi’s code of laws vs the writings of Confucius;
  5. Pop culture today & in the past;
  6. Comparing a modern man and the Neanderthal man.

What are perfect themes on education?

  1. Outdoor entertainments vs indoor games for students;
  2. Orthodoxy vs heterodoxy;
  3. Public vs private schools;
  4. Listening to audio books vs reading;
  5. School uniforms vs casual clothes;
  6. Didactic or dialectic approaches.

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned ideas provide you with a range of options to choose from for your piece of writing. What if you still have problems with this important choice? Don’t hesitate to ask our professional custom writers for their high-quality and fast assistance because they will help you find the best subject to discuss. Feel free to order a full academic paper from us to ease your workload and be able to focus on other studies or favorite hobbies.

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