Who Invented Homework and Why? Interesting Historical Facts

Who Invented Homework and Why? Interesting Historical Facts
Table of Contents
  1. Who Invented Homework and Why? Interesting Historical Facts
  2. Interesting Facts About Homework From History
  3. The Importance of Home-Learning
  4. Homework and Its Main Goals
  5. Homework Types
  6. How Homework Improves the Quality of Education
  7. How to Get Homework Help From Expert

Nowadays, every student knows the meaning of the word homework. Some people can feel worried when they hear it, others associate this word with their best college years. Students are always required to fulfill their homework, and it's even hard to imagine that many years and even centuries ago, people didn't have any homework at schools. Do you know who invented homework and how it affected the education system and students in general? Read our article to know the most interesting facts about homework invention!

Interesting Facts About Homework From History

It's possible to find the first mention of the homework in ancient Rome. The Romanian teacher Pliny the Younger invented homework when he asked people to do some oratory activities at home. It brought good results because people were improving in the oratory faster. After all, every person was trying to develop their speaking skills in an informal atmosphere.  

Much later, in 1905, an Italian teacher Roberto Nevilis invented the term homework. Since that time, all the students had to fulfill their assignments at home. Teachers had to check these tasks and punish with low grades those students who didn't do it or did it wrong. Those students who did everything right got the highest grades. The practice of homework started to be popular all over the world after those times. We can say that R. Nevilis was the father of homework. 

Needless to say, it led to significant changes in education. The appearance of homework has improved the whole system. Of course, this helped to increase the quality of education. Teachers had to define certain terms for fulfilling homework by their students as well as regulate the frequency. Homework was accepted worldwide as a part of important training during studying. Students had to learn how to study and develop their knowledge and skills independently from teachers and classes. 

In general, any type of homework should fit these requirements:

  • Any type of homework for students must be executable.
  • College homework shouldn't be too complex and very large but serious enough to spend a couple of hours to fulfill.
  • Teachers shouldn't give students any homework until they have explained the new material and made sure people can fulfill all the tasks from home without questions.

Of course, modern school keeps improving the quality of education, and distance learning has become quite popular lately due to many reasons. Some students hate homework but we have to say the person who invented it was a great hero who helped to improve the educational system as well as develop the process of learning. Homework is a wonderful tool for both teachers and students. In tandem with a good teacher and regular homework, it's possible to improve your skills and become a professional in the chosen sphere. 

The Importance of Home-Learning

As we already said, the whole educational system was significantly improved by the Italian teacher R. Nevilis who invented homework for students in 1905. According to his words, thanks to homework, students learn how to be responsible, initiative, individual, creative and independent. It's impossible to get these great skills without making tasks at home individually. 

Nowadays, many students learn from home, and distance studying becomes more popular among people. Much earlier, there were debates between teachers that distance learning cannot give students all the needed qualities and skills, but later it was proved that home learning has a lot of benefits. Anyway, whether you chose in-school or distance learning, it's important to fulfill your homework due to these reasons:

  • When you choose in-school studying, it's possible to keep yourself fully concentrated on the lesson. But much later, when you go home, all the things can be forgotten easily. That's why you need to do homework. It helps to remember all the important things said by your teacher and repeat many rules to memorize them well.
  • When you need to understand and master any scientific things, it's important to repeat it regularly. This is what homework can give students. 
  • Scientists proved that students can memorize the material only if they keep working on it from time to time.
  • During fulfilling homework, students develop very important skills like creativity, individuality, ability to think out the box.

The more successfully the homework is prepared, the more successful the teaching is. Of course, the task of a homework organization is the most difficult and complex in the process of education and teaching. Many questions require the meticulous attention of the teacher. Needless to say, elaborating tasks for students is an assignment for teachers who must understand the main five stages of the assimilation the material by people:

  • Collection
  • Understanding
  • Locking
  • Making skills
  • Practicing new skills 

Homework and Its Main Goals

Some people still think that students don't need to have homework. But we have to say, the scientific reports showed the opposite. The role of homework is great because it takes a very important place in students' studying and improving knowledge and skills. Roberto Nevilis defined the main goals of homework that works great even for present days:

  • Thanks to homework, students learn to work thoroughly and slowly.
  • While making homework, a student does it without any outside estimation.
  • Every student can select their rhythm of work.
  • Students can learn how to plan their free time and homework hours at home.
  • Homework forces students to learn how to search for all the needed sources to get the information they want to find.

We can say that the importance of homework is based on the next things:

  • It helps students to memorize all the material studied at the lesson.
  • Students need homework for the repetition of things they heard in the classroom.
  • Homework allows students to develop skills that help any person to work independently and make their decisions.

Homework Types

Teachers thought up various types of tasks for students. Of course, much earlier, that person who invented homework didn't have all the modern technologies to create online tests and other things that appeared in current times. In modern school, teachers include the next types of homework for their students:

  • Learning the material during reading the textbook.
  • Oral exercises for memorizing.
  • Written tasks to develop good skills.
  • Creative assignments to improve skills (writing various essays, reviews, etc.)
  • Writing special reports on a certain subject (coursework, research report, etc.)
  • Preparation of various experiments and observations (when studying chemistry and physics).

Of course, the amount of homework given to students should be well-balanced to avoid overloading them with too many tasks. 

How Homework Improves the Quality of Education

You need to understand that the main goal of homework isn't controlling people and punishing students! This is just a good way to systematize all the studied material and memorize it well. Without homework, students cannot develop many important skills. Of course, teachers give them a lot of information on the lesson but the main task of homework is to combine that knowledge with practical tasks and show how well the student learned and understood the subject.

Many experienced psychologists insist that it's quite important to assimilate both knowledge and activity methods. It helps students to think outside the box, find the needed knowledge to solve a certain task, develop new skills, plan their time, and also apply new skills and knowledge in the future. Every student gets their grades for homework, and this forces people to spend more time studying at home, learn the material in class thoroughly, receive good grades and be noticed and encouraged by teachers. 

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