How to Use Google Effectively: Top-5 Apps for Education

How to Use Google Effectively: Top-5 Apps for Education

The modern education system is totally into the new age of technologies. More and more institutions require a gadget, mostly a laptop or tablet, as a must for student’s education. More and more students find answer the question how to do my math homework. As a result, tech developers begin to conquer this market and try to reach students, teacher, and parents. And as in any other branch of modern IT world, Google plays a major role. This company did a fantastic job to develop various apps for different sides of our everyday life and education is also on the list. Google is a great tool to find any topic for any type of essay like a world peace essay, for example. 

And what is the best part in Google’s work aside from just being a good and reliable product? Of course, it is affordability of all those Google apps. Most of them are totally free and easy to use. It is very comfortable to manage those tools and to use them in various situations during your education routine. Of course, the first thing you imagine is Google’s famous searching engine, but it is not the only thing this company can offer you with its programs. Our professional writing team also uses lots of Google products for our work so we’ve decided to share some interesting tips on how you can use Google to improve your education. Enjoy!

Use Google Products for Education Effectively

  • You may deal with your lessons plans easier if you use Google Doc. Share it with tutors and classmates.
  • Use Google Docs to take notes for various meetings and share them with members.
  • Non-English speakers may use Google Docs files to see the translation of an education type document.
  • Google Docs revision history works perfectly for monitoring your activity on various assignments.
  • Google video chat app is a perfect tool to invite your classmates to free or guest lectures.
  • Collect education related contacts and manage them in Google Docs.
  • Parents can sign up for various conferences through shared Google Docs files.
  • You may share a specific folder or file in Google Docs app with your class to work on some certain project.

Some Extra Credits

  • You can create various calendars (for class education activity or homework) and share it with parents and students to monitor.
  • Use Tasks feature in Gmail or Calendar to create different tasks and reminders for you and your class.
  • In Gmail app, you may enable Translation feature to read letters and education materials from tutors, parents, and students in any languages.
  • Use Google Sites app to create a template to monitor student’s progress during the whole year or semester.
  • Google Spreadsheets app can be used as a homework tracker.
  • Google Recourse calendar is a perfect app for your laptop cart or projector.
  • You may use Gmail translator feature or just Google translator app to communicate with students and teachers from other countries with different languages.
  • Google Calendar is a perfect place to create and manage your plans.

Top 5 Apps for College Students

It is very hard to find a student who does not use gadgets today. As a result, people are totally into different mobile applications that can entertain them and organise their life too. There are lots of different apps that can make your education easier. No matter what mobile operating system you are using, both iOS and Android are provided with thousands of applications for different education goals.

Here are five of the most interesting apps you should try for your education. All the apps we reviewed in this article are free and match the most popular operation systems. Some of them also work with Windows and even new Apple Watch.

#1. Evernote (free; iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows)

Evernote is one of the greatest and oldest apps in the world today. It is also very innovative as it works with all the operating systems you know today. Also, it fits great with Apple Watch. Evernote is one of the most popular applications for taking notes. Its interface is very user-friendly, so you will not feel any difficulties while dealing with this helping app.

#2. Dropbox Mobile (free; iOS, Android, Windows)

It is another one extremely successful application on our list. You should have this application to forget about fears of losing your data (especially coursework). Thanks to this light app you have an opportunity keep your data in safe. You can upload lots of documents, videos, audio, and photo to the cloud. You can take them any time you will need it. Did you forget your phone at home? Don’t worry! You can get to your cloud from any device you want. Just install the application on your smartphone and your data will be with you forever.

#3. EasyBib (free; iOS, Android)

This app will make your education easier. It will take the most difficult and time-consuming stages of a research paper writing into whole another level. It was created to deal with bibliography. There are seven thousand citation styles in its arsenal. You can be sure you will find there something for you.

#4. Microsoft Office Mobile (free; iOS, Android, Windows)

It is as simple as it gets. You have your Microsoft Office apps on your computer, and now you can deal with them right on your smartphone. You can read and edit already existing documents and of course create new ones. So, it is very helpful in case your laptop is somewhere else, but you want to start your homework right now.

#5. PhotoMath (free; iOS, Android, Windows)

PhotoMath will change your life forever. This application is something new in the world of math and education in general. You can easily deal with any math problems through this fantastic app. Just point your camera to the math problem and take a picture of it. Just a second and you have a full answer and explanation.

All those Google tools and other apps are extremely helpful for your education. It is a fact. But there is no app that can write your essay instead of you. In this case, you can order any paper from us at the most reasonable price.