How To Write a Successful Cause and Effect Essay: Outline, Structure, Topics

How To Write a Successful Cause and Effect Essay: Outline, Structure, Topics

Being a student you may be assigned to write a lot of writing tasks. Being a student you may think how do my homework for me.  Cause and effect essay is one of them. It is an interesting as well as complicated writing paper that may become a real challenge for some students. When writing cause and effect essay, outline becomes one of the most important things. But don’t worry, read the article - you’ll learn this and many other important things which will help you to write a cause and effect essay in the best way.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Cause and effect essay is a special type of essay which shows particular causes and what happens in the result of these causes. In other words, it shows how the cause affects something/someone and can answer the chain of questions like ‘what is the cause?’, ‘what caused it?’ and ‘what happened in the result?’. This essay contains introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, conclusion, it shows the relationship between two or more events and effects. Unlike, for example, definition or descriptive essay, this type of assignment involves cause - something that makes something else happen; effect - what happens in the result of the cause.

There are several types of causes/effects that should be taken into consideration.

  • Primary  - those which are the most important in your essay;
  • Contributory – those which are less important in your essay;
  • Immediate  - they usually produce the cause or effect directly;
  • Remote - those subjects which are not obvious at the first glance.

How to Choose the Topic?

It is the first step of your work. You should choose the most effective, interesting topic for your essay. It should seem involving, be able to demonstrate your ability to analyze, your writing skills. You can fınd good examples of essays (other writing assignments) here.

What should you do to choose a good topic?

  1. Choose several subjects of essay which are interesting, in which you have some experience;
  2. Do short research on topics which you have chosen;
  3. Make some list of possible statements of essay topics;
  4. Analyze all relationships between cause, effect and their strength;
  5. Choose your topic which is the most successful for essay.

Here in the article, we give a list of good examples of effective topics for essays.

TOP 40 Topics for Cause and Effect Essays


  1. What causes the appearing of homeless people
  2. Name causes of hunger in some African and Asian countries
  3. Name causes and effects of world pollution
  4. What can be causes of poor water quality nowadays
  5. Popularity of Fast Food: causes and effect
  6. Wind and solar power
  7. The effect of non-profit organizations’ activities
  8. What is the cause and effects of the fact that men still earn more than women
  9. How do you think what causes poverty
  10. Cause and influence of racism and discrimination in modern society.

Personal Relationships

  1. What are the causes of divorces in modern society
  2. Effect of online meeting and online dating: new form of relationship or lack of real communication
  3. What effect does social media have on relationships in modern families
  4. Close relations between family members: causes, effect
  5. Raising a child by grandparents: causes, effect
  6. What causes the situation when children rebel against parents
  7. Growing with single parent
  8. What causes women to get involved in dangerous or destructive relationships
  9. Long distance in relationship between man and woman
  10. Men and commitment: why are they afraid of it, what effect does it have

World Issues

  1. The causes of the Civil War
  2. Great Depression: causes of bank failures and crash of stock market
  3. What causes the increasing of feminism
  4. What are the causes, effects of the French Revolution
  5. Immigration - emigration (chose a particular country)
  6. Effect of International agreements on proliferation of nuclear weapons


  1. Everyday stress: its effect on our health
  2. The causes, effects of emotional eating
  3. Effects of Smiling: does it really help the body to release endorphins
  4. How do sports influence our bodies and health
  5. Optimism: effect on boosting immunity
  6. Medical insurance: its effect on the health in modern society
  7. Influence of living with pets: does it really improve the health of their owners
  8. The causes of spreading of HIV/AIDS in African countries

School and Education

  1. The causes/effects of bullying in schools
  2. Problems in the families and their influence on studying;
  3. Parents’ involvement in education: how does it influence school education?
  4. Single-sex classrooms: causes, effects which they have on quality of education
  5. Special schools for talented students: their influence on level of education in your country
  6. School uniforms: the positive and negative effect of wearing it.

Structure of Cause and Effect Essay

The structure of this type of essay always contains introduction, main part (body paragraphs) and conclusion. The essay usually has 5 paragraphs. According to the type and specification of the topic of the cause and effect essay, the body paragraphs can contain multiple causes - one effect or one cause – multiple effects.  Before starting writing it is important to write a good cause and effect essay outline and we have some advice for you how to write an effective outline.

How to write a great cause and effect essay outline

  • Do research before writing an outline of your essay and distinguish the trend
  • Devote place for explaining the background of the cause
  • Choose the main 3 ideas that can be supportive and make them the separate body paragraphs.
  • Each next idea should empower the previous one
  • Be flexible – if you see that some of your ideas can’t make the outline logic or interesting, put it aside and check again, pick up the new one.


When your outline is ready you can start writing. You should organize your work well in order to get good results. Make a timetable, take notes when you have good idea, use useful tips which allow you to focus and get good grades. In introduction, you should show the main reasons why this topic is interesting, tell the background, and touch slightly the information which the reader will find in your essay so that he could understand why he should continue reading.

Body Paragraphs

To continue your outline and introduction you should list your statements or points and their effects. They will form body paragraphs. In this part of paper, the author should show all relations between causes and effects, reasons and influence. It is the biggest part of the assignment.


At the end write a solid conclusion. Use this part of your assignment, to sum up all your thoughts, arguments and result of research in few sentences. Show the thesis and the supporting points.

We tried to give you all useful information and advice on how to write an excellent cause and effect essay. If you still have questions, please ask them in the comments to the article and our professional writers will be glad to answer them.