10 America’s Best High Schools

10 America’s Best High Schools

American educational system, especially the school, is not the best one on the world. Let’s speak honestly; there are lots of other educational systems that can be a perfect example for Americans how to evolve. Of course, there are some private schools that are great and higher education such as universities and colleges in the United States with legendary status. But generally public high schools are not the best ones in the world.

Such institutions often suffer from the lack of financial support, especially in those tough districts and ghettos. The staff of those high schools has low salaries, and all extra educational courses are forced by the government to be reduced. But, of course, every rule has an exception, and US high institutions have dozens of great examples of top-class high schools with interesting courses, professional staff, and high results of their students. Let’s check out the top ten high schools in the United States that our team has prepared for you. Also you can find the answer to the question who do my homework for me?

The Lawrenceville High

This high institution was launched in 1810. Besides its status of one of the greatest high schools in the USA, the Lawrenceville institution is also marked as a National Historic Landmark. You will see as soon as the old architecture campus rises before you. Teachers in this institution use Harkness Method and practice British-style House system.

  • Lawrenceville students can be proud of their average ACT score of 32.
  • There is a real solar farm organized in one of this high school’s campuses.
  • Lawrenceville High is a friendly institution with Princeton University.

Phillips Exeter Academy

This institution is also known as just the Exeter. It was launched in 1781 by American legendary education activist Jon Phillips. It is one of the oldest high schools in the United States. Also, here was the place where the Harkness Method was developed.

  • The Exeter also welcomes off-campus education programs. Some of these programs are global with an even political internship in the capital of the US.
  • One of the most privileged student's groups is sports enthusiasts with some great options. The Exeter offers lots of various courts, rinks, swimming pools, and even a cycling room.

The Latin School of Chicago

Its campus is settled in the Gold Coast neighborhood. This institution has a long history and is one of the oldest institutions of that type. The Latin High was founded in 1888 by local parents with the goal to provide their kids with better education. The first official class included just ten students, while these days there are more than a thousand of them.

  • One of the main exciters of the Latin High is its green rooftop. Along with a garden, it sets the environmentally-friendly mood for the entire campus.
  • There is a special program that offers students to take their part in various projects for a community service.

Country Day School in Detroit

This institution shares a model of the Country Day School. Basically, this famous Detroit high school combines art, sport, and academic options in equal proportions. Besides full coursework students also have to deal with two sports.

  • There is a special on-campus auditorium shared by students and professional performers such as actors and musicians.
  • Lots of famous NBA and NFL stars graduated Detroit’s Country Day School.

The Harker School

Another old and well-known high school on our list. The Harker School was founded in 1893 as a unique boys’ school. Its capacity was small, but later it grew into a whole military academy. And these days the Harker School is often called as the place where our next Einsteins will be born.

  • The Harker students always were strong in science. This institution has more than twenty finalists of the Siemens Competition.
  • There are three big on-campus libraries constantly accessible for the students.

Polytechnic School

Poly as locals often calls their alma mater also has a unique and interesting history. It was founded as the very first California-based non-profit school in 1907. Besides its great educational indexes, Poly is also well-known as a perfect college preparation institution.

  • The students here are very diverse. Almost a half of them identify themselves as non-white.
  • 90% of students here participate in sports.

Rye Country Day School

This institution is well-known for its great combination of innovative and traditional educational methods. RCDS works hard in the field of college preparation and is one of the best in the country. Recently Rye Country Day School started to deal with community service and started practicing outside the classroom classes.

  • Since the late 90s, it is required every student to have and constantly work with the laptop on classes. If a student can’t afford one, RCDS will provide it for him.
  • Annually RCDS grants more than four million dollars to 17% of all applicants.

Epgy Online High School

And for the end, we’ve prepared something special. Let’s look into the future and review Epgy Online High School. It is a unique program that provides educational services online. It was launched by Stanford University and provides students with access to greatest educational college-level programs. Every educational aspect here is totally virtual. Classroom, lectures, and forums are available totally online. It is real to get a college access through this program.

  • You as a student may even choose your personal educational model. You are free to choose your teacher or even to study by yourself.
  • This is the first virtual institution with official and valid diploma program.


Annually more than a million of students all over the United States drop out of their institutions. The number is huge if you imagine that every day it is about seven hundred people get a new phase of their life.

We hope that the educational level of these students is enough to attend the next step – a university or college. At the same time, we can help you to improve your grades and knowledge. Just check out our blog and website to learn more and start a successful partnership for your future.