Personal Statement for College: Useful Tips To Succeed

Personal Statement for College: Useful Tips To Succeed
Table of Contents
  1. Personal Statement for College: Useful Tips To Succeed
  2. How to Write Personal Statement for College
  3. Time is Important
  4. Questions for Your Personal Statement
  5. Main Stages of Personal Statement Writing
  6. Introduction
  7. Body: 3 or More Paragraphs
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bottom Line

Writing a personal statement for college is not an easy task. Your whole future depends on this piece of writing so much. Of course, your grades and entire studying experience matters, but you also need to introduce yourself. This is just like a presentation of yourself. Your task is to get a proper view on your personality and convince that you are the best choice possible. Also answer the qestion who do my math homework.

How to Write Personal Statement for College

Of course, it is not your typical homework task. Your college personal statement may help you succeed in your entire career. The better college you will get the higher chances you have to build a successful career. Your writing needs to be unique and convincing. There is no use in writing a weak paper just to fit the requirements. The task is to create a striking image and a paper that supports this image.

Even the style you are writing your essay matters. Admission officers will check every single detail in your writing and decide if you really is the person they need. Your personal statement is the starting point for these people to draw your picture as your grades alone is just not enough. Your education, experience, and personality in general will also play a great role in creating your image for this people. They do not know you at all, your task is to show yourself without showing off. Hard task you may say but it is your way to the better future.

You need to stand out from that crowd of other applicants and you must take this task more than seriously.

Time is Important

Of course, as any other piece of writing your personal statement for college needs to be properly prepared. This is a serious piece of work and it is highly recommend to start working on it as soon as possible. Consider taking few weeks to come up with the main idea, write, and then edit the entire piece.

Proofreading may take more time than you think. Often students write something what they consider to be a masterpiece but after several days they just want to change everything. After reading the text it sounds just different than you thought. You start changing and just can’t stop. It is normal but you just need to be prepared for this and have time to make all the changes. 

Questions for Your Personal Statement

Just like any other writing task your personal statement for college should have its main idea. It depends on the direction you have chosen. If you want to impress, shock or entertain. Think about the path you want to take and follow the main format instructions.

Here is the list of questions you should answer in your personal statement:

  1. Who are you? Yes, it is obvious but still reasonable, right? You  need to describe your personality and achievements. Everything than may matter for the result should be mentioned. Do not try to draw too perfect picture of you. No one is perfect, and we all know about that. Admission officers is not an exception. Do not write how smart you are and how lucky they are having that opportunity to teach you. Instead write about your achievements as examples of your hard work. Let your deeds talk for you.  
  2. Why do you want to study there? Another obvious and simple question that still should be answered. Do not try to invent something too unusual. Make your answer clear and wear your motivation on your sleeve. You need to show this option is the only one for you.
  3. Why do you want to study the subject? Not just only your personality should be interesting for those admission officers but also your ideas about the subject you are going to study. Tell them what your contribution will be and why this particular subjects matters to you. Here you also should tell about your goals as a future professional.

Of course, it may be uneasy task to cover all those questions in just one task. That is why you need to start early. Time is precious and you need to have it enough to relax and provide the best result possible.

Main Stages of Personal Statement Writing

As any other writing task this one requires three main parts to be done correctly. The strategy of your argumentation needs to be strong and consistent. Your entire article should be logical and well-built. Convince admission officers that you are the one they need and there is no reason for them to doubt.

Do not forget to create an outline as it is an important part of your working process. It is the guide any writer should have done before starting the actual writing part. Each of those three parts should have one paragraph. The Body should have three paragraphs. Sometimes you may use more but not less.


This is where you state your thesis and main idea. Of course, it is obvious that you need to talk about yourself but your task is to make it interesting and not trivial to read. Try to grab your reader’s attention right from the start.

Body: 3 or More Paragraphs

It is the longest part of your paper. Here you need to present the most powerful evidence to support your main idea. You can yell about your personality and how your education will help in future to solve some particular problems. Tell about your high school years


This part also should be done just in one part. Here you need to restate your thesis once again. It is your last chance to impress your readers. But please do not try too hard. The flow should be easy and simple to understand.

Bottom Line

In the end do not forget to proofread your personal statement carefully. In case you still have any questions regarding this particular writing or any other task, be sure to contact us anytime and our experts will help you out.